How much of your working day do you spend writing to people, sending them information or asking them for information?

Your time is one of the most important resources you have, so you should use it wisely and well. When you write to someone, you write with a specific aim in mind. You are writing to get a result from the person reading your text. You hope the time you spend writing will be time well spent.

Getting the desired result from your text depends on two things - what you write and how you write. But even if you know the topic you are writing about very well, you don't always get the result you had hoped for, do you?

Often, the reason for this is that we have not thought enough about how to present the information for our reader.

This Plain Language course will show you how to write in a simpler, clearer and more direct style than you do today. Writing in this way can make your texts more reader-friendly. A reader-friendly text means your information will be more easily understood and remembered by your reader. For you, this means a better return on the time that you invested in writing.

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