This training will gear you up with the necessary knowledge on communication rules, tools, practices and approaches that you will likely need in carrying out your programme communication duties. We will build up the knowledge with the online learning courses, and build on that knowledge with practical assignments, networking, interactive webinars and events.

Who is it for? 

The priority will be given to the active communication officers of programmes in joint secretariats and managing authorities, both the beginners and the experienced ones. In principle, the course is open to any Interreg programme staff who wants to learn about programme communication.

Overall learning objective

When finished, the learner would have the knowledge on regulatory requirements about programme communication, approaches to communication in an Interreg programme (what has worked, what could be improved), and would be familiar with tools, platforms and networks for communicators.

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Contact person: Arkam Ograk
Travel included: Arkam Ograk
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