Storytelling in Interreg communication



Thousands of Interreg projects communicate what they do in a dry technical language. But this makes the information unrelatable and ineffective. Which means that millions of people will never discover all the remarkable work Interreg is doing for their communities.We are masters of formal reporting, but we need to learn how to tell our stories to people beyond Interreg in a way that is more interesting and allows them to connect with the story. Storytelling is an incredibly effective communication technique for doing this, and it is used by all your favorite brands, good teachers, world leaders and public institutions. This certified training will guide you through the logic, the structure and the practical application of storytelling, showing you how to turn your boring project descriptions into captivating project stories.

Who is it for?

This certified training is open to all communication experts and anyone else who needs to communicate effectively, and is interested in doing so. The storytelling method can easily be applied to promote your project story on social media and to communicate the story of your programme results in front of a Monitoring Committee. The training offers you a clear structure for writing stories, applying the methods of plain language and journalism. The first part of the training is beginner-friendly, while the in-person workshop will challenge even the more experienced colleagues.

Overall learning objective

At the end of the training, you will have a clear methodology for applying the storytelling method. You will take away one project story which you have written and improved with the help of the trainers and your fellow learners. Together, we will regularly publish the best project stories that come out of our storytelling workshops.

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